Case studies

British Geological Survey: 3-Dimensional Modelling

As well as their huge catalogue of 2-D geological maps at various scales, the British Geological Survey (BGS) is now modelling the UK's geology in 3-D.

Download 3-Dimensional Modelling case study (15kB) PDF document

Geological Conservation Review

A major initiative to identify and describe the most important geological and geomorphological sites in Britain, producing an inventory of over 3000 sites.

Download Geological Conservation Review case study (21kB) PDF document

Rotunda Museum Geological Collections

An important aspect of gathering information about local geodiversity is cataloguing of local fossils and minerals, the Rotunda Museum has one of the foremost collections of Jurassic geology on the Yorkshire Coast.

Download Rotunda Museum Geological Collections case study (103kB) PDF document

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Geodiversity Audit and Action Plan

Tees Valley Wildlife Trust (TVWT), in partnership with Tees Valley RIGS Group, is delivering the local Geodiversity Action Plan (GAP) and supporting geodiversity activity by encouraging practical action by local communities through education and volunteering opportunities.

Download Tees Valley Wildlife Trust case study (64kB) PDF document

Conserving geodiversity in a changing climate

This seminar discussed the threats to geodiversity from climate change and how we adapt. This was the first UK-wide initiative to be endorsed by the UKGAP.

Download Conserving geodiversity case study (14kB) PDF document

UKGAP logo

A geodiversity art competition was run to design a logo to act as a brand for the UKGAP.

Download UKGAP logo case study (103kB) PDF document

Scottish Core Code

Good practice guidance and a code of conduct for collecting core samples.

Download Scottish core code case study (153kB) PDF document

Scottish Fossil Code

Good practice guidance and a code of conduct for collecting fossil samples in Scotland.

Download Scottish fossil code case study (190kB) PDF document