The UK Geodiversity Action Plan (UKGAP) is a framework with an agreed aim, themes and objectives with a series of associated targets and indicators.
Snow covered Yorkshire Dales landscape. © Michael Murphy, NE

Snow covered Yorkshire Dales landscape. © Michael Murphy, NE

The UKGAP is primarily presented as a website which is supported by a range of organisations and groups from across the UK. The website provides the basis for promoting and reporting on the UKGAP.

The successful delivery of the UKGAP will depend on the actions and activities of a range of organisations, groups and individuals. It is these contributors and their contributions that will deliver the UKGAP.

Contributing organisations, groups and individuals will identify what actions they will undertake to support the delivery of the objectives. These may be new or existing activities. All contributors will also be encouraged to identify timescales and measures of success against these activities. Contributions towards delivering the UKGAP will be captured and listed on this website, showing what is happening for geodiversity across the UK.

A number of indicators have been developed to help measure progress against the different objectives.

The UKGAP will evolve. As new actions are identified or actions are completed, targets may be modified and changed. It will be the responsibility of the UKGAP Group to agree changes to targets in the UKGAP.

The UKGAP Group

The UKGAP Group (who represent a range of organisations, groups and individuals involved in geoconservation across the UK, from national to local levels) facilitates the action planning process, encourages participation, provides a mechanism for reporting progress and advocates wider support for the UKGAP.