The objectives set out in more detail what each theme is aiming to achieve. The purpose of each objective is briefly described and a number of targets for achieving each objective are outlined.

Theme 3: Gathering and maintaining information on our geodiversity

5. Establish audit

To audit and document our geodiversity including sites, archives and collections.


Gathering and maintaining data on our geodiversity resource is vital. This objective aims to encourage auditing, interpretation and understanding of geodiversity itself. It is a crucial component of geological conservation. Having geological information underpins all other objectives and includes maps, documents, specimens, photographs and drawings in archives, databases and collections.


  • Continue to map the distribution of UK geodiversity and use a range of tools to present and interpret the mapped information.
  • Maintain and update information on nationally important geodiversity site networks.
  • Maintain and update information on locally important geodiversity site networks.
  • Identify and document new localities important to our understanding and interpretation of geodiversity.
  • Audit and maintain records of geodiversity in public collections (including collections of specimens, published material, photographs and other geodiversity ephemera).
  • Identify and better understand geodiversity in relation to other interest areas such as wildlife sites, the built and historic environment, landscape and the marine environment.

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