The objectives set out in more detail what each theme is aiming to achieve. The purpose of each objective is briefly described and a number of targets for achieving each objective are outlined.

Theme 1: Furthering our understanding of geodiversity

1. Foster research

To foster UK-based pure and applied geoscience research in order to better understand our geodiversity and its role in understanding and managing our natural environment.


Understanding of the UK's geological and geomorphological processes and products, and how they influence and are connected with other aspects of the environment is increased through essential research. Through new research we can find out more about natural processes, what they tell us about past environmental change and, importantly, how we can prepare for the effects of future climate change with sustainable land-use management. Being able to identify progress in this area will help ensure that future planning is well informed.


  • Continue to undertake research that enhances our understanding of UK geodiversity.
  • Continue to undertake research that interprets UK geodiversity to support and better understand the Ecosystem Service Approach.
  • Continue to undertake research to better understand landform and surface processes to contribute to our understanding of landscape-scale management and change.
  • Use geodiversity evidence to help us better understand past climate and environmental changes and to forecast future change.

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