Themes and objectives

The UKGAP is split into six themes encompassing how we understand and care for our geodiversity, how geodiversity can inspire people and the importance of carefully planning for our geodiversity. Each theme is then further divided into one or more objectives. Click on a theme to find out more.

  • Theme 1

    Furthering our understanding of geodiversity


    1. Foster research
      To foster UK-based pure and applied geoscience research in order to better understand our geodiversity and its role in understanding and managing our natural environment.
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  • Theme 2

    Influencing planning policy, legislation and development design


    1. Recognition in policy
      To increase recognition of our geodiversity in international, national, regional and local environmental and planning development policies.
    2. Demonstrate relevance to sustainable development
      To demonstrate the relevance and benefit of including geodiversity across our work in relation to the natural and built environment and the role that geodiversity plays in sustainable development.
    3. Advocate design that enhances
      To advocate and support development design and restoration that incorporates and enhances our geodiversity.
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  • Theme 3

    Gathering and maintaining information on our geodiversity


    1. Establish audit
      To audit and document our geodiversity including sites, archives and collections.
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  • Theme 4

    Conserving and managing our geodiversity


    1. Conserve through sites and areas
      To conserve and manage our geodiversity through appropriate recognition at international, national and local levels.
    2. Maintain and enhance through management
      To maintain and enhance our geodiversity through the management of sites, areas and wider landscapes.
    3. Share good practice
      To share experience of conserving our geodiversity through the provision of good practice guidance.
    Theme 4 objectives in detail
  • Theme 5

    Inspiring people to value and care for our geodiversity


    1. Make relevant to the wider world
      To interpret our geodiversity for a range of audiences and communities, making geodiversity relevant to where we live and the places we visit.
    2. Use the arts to involve people
      To use the arts to explore and make links between geodiversity and our cultures, involving people in geodiversity in new and innovative ways.
    3. Create resources to help integrate geodiversity into learning
      To develop and provide educational resources that interpret, utilise and widen understanding of our geodiversity as part of formal and informal learning
    Theme 5 objectives in detail
  • Theme 6

    Sustaining resources for our geodiversity


    1. Involve more people
      To increase the number of people involved in conserving and advocating the value of our geodiversity
    2. Increase financial support
      To increase the financial resource that supports action for geodiversity.
    3. Encourage working together
      To support initiatives that encourage working together for our geodiversity.
    Theme 6 objectives in detail