UK Geodiversity Action Plan

  • Geomorphological processes act continuously to shape the Earth into the landforms of mountains, hills, valleys, floodplains and coastlines we see around us.

    Aerial view
  • The United Kingdom and wider British Isles are the cradle of the science of geology. Many periods of geological time were first defined and named here.

  • A growing understanding of our geological past is being used to help predict changes in our environment, offering insights into climate change and how it will affect our lives.

    Cadir Idris
  • Minerals and aggregates are a major economic resource. Many cities use distinctive building stones, for example Portland Stone was used extensively in London and other major cities.

  • Geology is the foundation of our environment. Our diverse landscapes and the ways in which we use them are determined by the variety of rocks, minerals, landforms and soils.

  • Many protected landscapes and much of the coast, such as Giant's Causeway, are valued for tourism and have spectacular and fascinating geology.

    Giants Causeway
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UKGAP aims to show what is happening for geodiversity and what needs to be done in the future. If your organisation is able to contribute to the UKGAP, please let us know.

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The UKGAP in action

The UKGAP website provides a place to demonstrate and report on the range of activities that are being undertaken at all levels across the UK to deliver the shared objectives of the UKGAP.

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A framework for enhancing the importance and role of geodiversity

The UK Geodiversity Action Plan (UKGAP), for the first time, provides an agreed framework for geodiversity action across the UK.

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